Campaign log

A summary of what has happend so far...

It starts basically the same for each of the PC’s. A Colonel in a nondescript uniform is seated behind a desk, seated also in the room is the PC’s CO. The Colonel begins a short speech about national security and a covert mission that would ensure the safety of the United States for generations. The Colonel asks for the PC’s to volunteer for the mission without being able to disclose exactly what the mission may be. Each of the PC’s accept the mission and are immediately taken from their current location in the back of vehicles with no windows transferred to airplanes similarly equipped and back to other vehicles that took them to final destinations. A hole in the side of a rocky outcropping with a large roll up door. They were dressed in plain fatigues and were unarmed. They were led before a General standing in front of the roll up door. Armed MP’s were all around the PC’s. The General finally told them what their mission was to be. They were to enter this bunker and be held in suspended animation to safeguard against the destruction of the United States and the World. It was obvious that the MP’s were there to “convince” anyone who might, at this late date, have cold feet about the mission.



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