The world came to an end. Everyone saw it coming but no one, it seemed, could do anything about it.

It started its spiral out of control in 2010. China had become a large world player financially and the United States had lost a great deal of their former economic power. Various military campaigns around the world had also placed a diplomatic strain on the United States as other countries, even NATO countries, started taking a dim view of the policies of the United States. At the same time hard line elements inside Russia come back to power and seek a return to former Soviet glory.

As 2011 progressed differences between the NATO allies cause that long lived institution to fail. England sides with the United States politically and Germany, France, and the rest of the former NATO countries oppose them. A cold war starts between former long time allies.

Beginning in early 2012 the assassination of the British Prime Minister leads directly to open warfare. Europe is once again engaged in a conventional ground war. At the same time long quiet conflicts between Japan and China reawaken as well as open conflict between China and Russia. This begins an open state of warfare almost globally. Bio weapons that target both human and plant are released in the United States and elsewhere in the world. No one is sure who released them but they seem to appear globally at the same time. This leads to many accusations among countries and eventually to limited Nuclear exchanges between the US, the New Soviet Union, Germany, France, England, and China.

A small agency inside the US Department of Defense was tasked in early 2010 with developing a contingency that would continue the US even after a catastrophic war event. The decision was made that in order to have the best chance of success there should be small teams of individuals widely spaced throughout the country to give their location itself the larges chance of survivability. Also members would be recruited from the military because the discipline and training provided to those individuals would enhance their ability to carry out the mission. The agency recruited male and female members of the four armed forces of the Unites States. The groups were selected and balanced in order for some re-population to occur but it was decided that in order for the mission to remain secretive that the groups could not be large enough to be genetically viable on their own. The groups were to rely on linking up in order to attain the ability to become a viable population. Members would be recruited based on performance in several areas such as Combat, Medical, and Technical training. All areas were decided to be weighted evenly as they all directly impact the success of the mission.